ICYMI: Episode 8 is now up!

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In case you missed it, the latest episode is up on SoundCloud. We had Toronto artists Staasia Daniels, EverythingOshaun and DJ XP in the studio to discuss their music, the second edition of their music showcase, Bass N Tings and life as an artist in the city of Toronto. Follow the link OR check it out on the player on the “Speakerbox Radio” page!




Quick Review: Brent Faiyaz “Sonder Son”

I was in D.C. this past weekend for a 3 day trip. While on this mini vacay, I managed to see Goldlink (who is a D.C. native) in concert on the Friday I arrived, in his hometown on his first headlining tour. I’ve seen him in Toronto earlier this year when he was touring with Little Dragon but I knew for a fact that this was a show I could not miss because I knew it would be stacked, hype and a helluva vibe ever since his single “Crew” popped off earlier this year skyrocketing his career into the general populace(and went both gold and platinum as well). Which brings me to Brent Faiyaz.

Faiyaz’s soulful vocals provides a hook so undeniably catchy that you can’t help but shimmy your shoulders to what is probably one of Summer 2017’s biggest hits. One third of the group Sonder, Faiyaz embarked on his solo journey quietly releasing an EP last year titled “A.M. Paradox. To follow up on his solo debut, Faiyaz recently dropped his latest project, “Sonder Son”. The album follows a nostalgic narrative, as Faiyaz recalls his highschool days and life before rising stardom. His soft vocals backed by beautifully crafted sounds of ensembled instruments, Faiyaz manages to create an R&B record that strays from the formula of mainstream radio hits.

Upon my first listen, I definitely felt some Miguel vibes although Faiyaz remains in a category of his own, creating a unique sound that separates him from Sonder. It is a great coming-of-age story that provides us a little insight into how the artist came to be. Increasingly becoming a household name thanks to the platinum success of “Crew”, Faiyaz is definitely an artist who can stand on his own.

If you haven’t already, check out his new album on Spotify and listen to Sonder as well if you aren’t familiar.

2017 has been nothing but soulful vibes for me and this was definitely a great addition to my playlist.



The New Black Panther Trailer Dropped and It’s The Best Thing About Monday

Can we talk about the beauty that is this movie? Can we talk about the set design? Can we talk about the costume design? Can we talk about the melanated magic that is Michael B. Jordan, Angela Basset, Lupita Nyongo, Chadwick Boseman and basically the entire cast?!

It’s safe to say that we here at Speakerbox are hella excited for this movie to drop. February 16th can’t come soon enough! To tide you over until then, watch the trailer below.

Share your thoughts/excitement/love below!

ICYMI: Latest Podcast Episode Is Up!

In case you couldn’t tune in live on Wednesday or we having some difficulty hearing us (we had some technical issues on our end), the episode is now up on the site and our soundcloud page for your listening pleasure. Thanks to the wonders of technology we were able to salvage this dope episode with sexual health blogger Vanessa West of Liqsnlips. Check it out!

Enimem calls out Trump in latest freestyle, Twitter explodes

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the retweets, the reblogs, the commentary and the reactions to Enimem’s freestyle at the BET Awards where his message was loud and clear: He hates the 45th President of the United States. A popular sentiment among many, so naturally social media blew up with applauds and praises for the veteran rapper. Need I say more? Nah, watch the video below.

DSVN’s Gives Us An Artistic Approach To Traditional Fare on “P.O.V.”

dvsn’s latest track off their upcoming project “The Morning After” gives us a fresh prospective on classic RnB fare. Lyrically the song denotes the possibility of a potential lover changing her mind but musically gives us a chill, downtempo vibe accompanied by the haunting yet dreamy vocals of Daniel Daley. The new album is scheduled to release October 13th, so keep it locked for our review on Speakerbox Radio.

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To those of who have been following us from the beginning, you’ll noticed we’ve done some redecorating. Not to worry, aesthetics are the only things that have changed! In addition to that, new and exciting content and much more coming your way! Bare with us as we undergo some much need fine tuning and keep it locked for when the new site drops!

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